About Us

It was the firm belief of the Spiritual Healer Shri Baba Vyas to take his Vedic technology and Vedic Science methodology to the people all around the world so that anyone in the need of immediate spiritual or religious guidance can be helped. As per his belief and intention, this platform was created where he prays for all those who need Spiritual Guidance. Shri Baba Vyas is a Scholar of Vedic Science and Techniques, a Skilled Vedic Astrologer, a Life-coach with his client’s reach all over the world.

He believes, “The Goal of Life is Happiness, Peace, Love and enlightenment. The desire for perfection comes from the self, the image of God which seeks to express itself through all humanity”.

In seeking his Intention and pursuing it, Astrovedvyas.com has tried to bring various Astrological Prayers, Services and Products on this platform contributing to the fulfillment of the various Astrological and Religious needs of the people and to help them experience a blissful and contented life.

Astrovedvyas.com, through their precise and dedicated healing and prayers technology distinguishes itself from others. The services provided by Astrovedvyas, results in the fulfillment of the desires and helps in boosting of Inner Strength of those who experience them. The Services provided by Astrovedvyas helps a person in the areas of Business, Finance, Relationship, Career, Health, Personal problems, Marriage concerns, Communication and other problems too.