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Manifestation Of Lord Ganpati

Lord Ganapati is the Pratham pujniya as he is worshipped before every auspicious event. The Ganesh Purana describes 32 forms

Charm Frame of the Month

Good luck is what we all need and desire whenever we wish to achieve or accomplish what we have expected.

What is Hawan?

What is Hawan? Hawan is considered to be most auspicious, noble and fruitful ritual. Hawan is also called as yajna.

Relationship between Rudra and Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva is one of the trinity God and Rudra is the Vedic God who has several features like Lord


Lord Krishna, the 8th avatar of Lord Krishna is worshipped as a teacher, a friend, a partner, a protector and all

Lord Kuber – The God of Wealth

How Kubera became the Wealth Lord? There lived a sage in Sri Lanka named Vishrava who had two wives. The

Why Deepawali pooja?

Deepawali is the festival where we celebrate the victory of Good over Bad and the homecoming of Lord Ram after


What is Sankalpam? In Sanskrit, “San” means Good and “Kalpa” means Veda or Saashtra. Therefore, the word Sankalpam means any

Significance of Yagna during Deepawali

Deepawali, the Hindu festival of lights, the celebration of victory of good over evil. It is the festival of worshipping