Charm Frame of the Month

Good luck is what we all need and desire whenever we wish to achieve or accomplish what we have expected. Sometimes, Life brings us to several ups and downs, Success and Failures. The simplest way to welcome a good luck in life is by carrying different crystals. Crystals that are also called gemstones. These different crystals or gemstones have their own healing properties. Good luck is the part of those metaphysical and healing properties of these stones. To establish a healing connection, these stones are a must have!
When these healing stones/good luck charms are incorporated in your day to day life, they create a very powerful yet subtle vibrations of good luck that helps in a positive transformation in your Life.

How these good luck stones/charms are energized?
To enhance the metaphysical and healing properties of these lucky charms a Vedic Healing technique is adopted. These are energized by following these authentic steps-

Sankalp – Intention is being taken. A pure Sankalpam is vowed to heal the charms so that they create a positive ambiance for the wearer and assists in fullfilness of purpose.

Sound – Mantra. A related mantra to fulfill the purpose is chanted a certain number of times. The vibrations of the mantra chanting and its sound helps in making Sankalpam more strong!

Meditation – Dhyan. After a proper Sankalpam and Mantra chanting ritual, a transcendental meditation is performed. It is done to provide distant healing benefits to all those who wear these charms.

Gratitude • Love • Regards

Green Aventurine Crystal symbolizes the beauty of life, the abundance of nature, and the energies of nature. This crystal has the most restful color.

It will strengthen your sense of self-respect and promote your well-being and growth in business

This crystal will encourage balance, growth, harmony, and learning.