Vedic Wealth Solutions

Baba Vyasji

Financial Karma Healing Program 2019

Change your financial luck and attract financial success.

Year long program commencing on Hindu New Year April 2019- Beginning of a new financial destiny.

You are divinely invited in Astrovedvyas’s Ultimate Vedic Wealth Solutions, Healing and Prayer Program. We at Astrovedvyas’s Healing Centre, Organize Laxmi Narayan Healing Program for financial successes. This year long program effectively targets your financial status by resolving your old and bad financial karma and creates a fresh financial future. In this yearlong Vedic wealth solutions Healing and prayer program, we will perform under tutelage Spiritual Healer Baba Vyas along with authentic Vedic priest. This program will be  involving Rituals and Patham targeted to attract fortune and financial success.

This financial year, give yourself the most successful beginning by participating in this yearlong wealth perceptible program. Register before 13th April 2019 and receive special poojas as Archana.

Everyday a grand Lakshmi Narayan Anushthanam will be performed to solve the financial Karma.

Everyday Pooja Kram-

  1. Ganesh Atharvasheesh Patham
  2. 11 times Shree Sukt Patham
  3. 5 times Purushukt Patham
  4. Lakshmi and Vishnu Archana
  5. Prasadam
  6. Aarti
  7. Peeth Pooja

This Kram will be performed each day for 108 days in a year.  This Kram will be Vowed as a Manas Sankalpam in the name of Yajamana.

What will you receive?

Turmeric, Kumkum of everyday’s pooja and a Lakshmi Narayan yantra along with the prasadam of Poorna Ahuti.