What is Hawan?

What is Hawan?

Hawan is considered to be most auspicious, noble and fruitful ritual. Hawan is also called as yajna. The word yajna comes from yaj dhatu. According to Panini grammar, yajna means to add or to communion, that is to communion the self with the supreme god. Hawan is one of the most positive virtues or niyama that is prescribed for a devotee who wants to bring them-selves closer to divine power and want to experience environment for total nirvana. Hawan is a process of eradicating negative energy, negative thoughts, body imperfection, mind imperfection, inner imperfection and karmic imperfection from human life. Hawan possesses enormous healing property which helps human body and mind to work properly. Though Hawan is a combination of thought and procedure, it has a cosmic effect on the entire environment and purifies everyone who is present in that environment. We know that there are 7 chakras in our body which needs to be activated and purified with time, so Hawan is a ritual that activates and re-energizes our chakras and reinvigorates our mind and body.

Why Hawan is important for humans?

According to the Yajur Vedas, Hawan is considered to the Naabhi (nucleus) of the entire universe. As the naabhi is considered to be very important part in a human body so is the Hawan in the universe. Generally, there are four substances which are added to Hawan which are Aromatic, Sweet, Curative and Nourishing. Due to all these four substances, purification of whole environment takes place. It also has an effect on the life of the individual who is performing Hawan which leads to the transformations of his thoughts, environment, anger, frustration, depression, irrational thinking to positive thoughts, happiness, calmness, tranquil and controlled attitude. All the chanting, fumes and smokes which generate during Hawan energize the environment and make it positive.

When should Hawan be performed?

In order to benefit the environment and human life, Hawan can be carried out daily. But since, it is not possible for everyone; people can perform the Hawan once in a week or on any auspicious occasion. As Hawan is a miraculous ritual which contains enormous benefits should be performed in the early morning because in the atmosphere is charged with cosmic and positive energies which is the best time period to perform all religious actions.